Thursday, October 11, 2007

syksy. fall. l'automne. höst.

you feel like staying under blankets and quilts and such. drinking enormous amounts of tea (personal caffeine-break), staring yellow and orange leaves from my balcony. making world's finest apple pie (well, at least trying very hard) to surprise my lovely boyfriend.

It's quite confusing really seeing all this beauty since i always thought i hated fall and didn't really like tea either. fall used to be a state of not feeling, tasting nor liking anything except the fore-mentioned blanket. everything you thought wasn't quite right in your life suddenly popped in your face all at the same time making you numb and lacking the energy you would've most needed. it's not anymore. maybe that's why i started this blog. in a sheer wonder of new energy.

oh and i'm even taking a break from smoking!

i feel it all - feist
a cause des garcons - yelle (riot in belgium remix)

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