Monday, April 28, 2008

too much time

honest and very weird feminine thoughts and doubts

it must be me. it must must be something about me. what could it be then? it must be... what could it be? i mean he definately should be home by now. definately.
i can barely remember where the stupidity started and now i’m silently begging for apology. i don’t dare say it. i mean he should know...well guess at least, it can’t be that hard.
no way i’m going to say it, he’d consider me a total nutcase...i mean be sad over a call you could’ve made yourself that you just didn’t because you thought somebody else should. umm, let’s think this through. ok, so I’ve just made a complete fool of myself. nice. well done. didn’t this just make my day. i’m ready to strangle each and every hormone running through my body. shoot them, stab and torture until a slow painful death. goddamit.

all this and not even the sex and the city dvd's i got last week from sara worked when i really would had been on a mood for some carrie. the quicktime player i just downloaded is the wrong version. nice one.

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