Friday, August 29, 2008

when hangoverish i feel creative

...or just plain dead.
hercules and love affair was a success, the gig was GOOD, really good. today i've been up from 8am and working at the office from 9am. these are the days when you feel like a hero, like batman or some of these other dudes that do their all to save the planet.. or gotham. wow, the story's really getting out of hands after 3 lines written so i better stop here. have a great day folks! tomorrow i'm off to a friends wedding and on sunday i'll try to get up early enough to hail hooray to my friend on a stockmann catwalk. did that make any sense? i have no idea.

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May said...

Wow! Tyylikäs blogi sinulla, täytyypä pistäytyä toistekin.