Wednesday, January 7, 2009

design stuff vol 1 & 2

here we go. i promised someone to post some design favorites. put together veeery quickly but here it is top of the pops!



Anonymous said...

jes ihana postaus ja paljon uusia postauksia tullut kun viimeksi kävin! hieno blogi!

jaswho. said...

hey! love your blog and thanks for checking out mine as well:)

laura ?! said...

i love seletti !

btw, have you seen those "paper bags" anywhere in finland ? i've been looking for them

ps, been reading your blog for quite a while already, one of my favourites !

xo, laura

petra said...

hey cool! THANKS everybody!

laura ?! - i'm not sure if were talking about the same paper bags but i know i've seen some at Stockmann (next to villeroy&boch)and i've seen those at design forum as well. they're cool.

Anni said...

Tosi hienoja kaikki!
En ole koskaan nähnyt mitään ton lamppulinnun tapaista