Wednesday, April 8, 2009


flow festival! next august there's some hot stuff coming!

ladyhawke. new young pony club (saw them a couple years back, fun to see where they've gone). roots manuva. new judas and top billin (as always). vivian girls. joensuu 1685 (the ultimate cool, in picture). fever ray (i did see her just a week ago and it was awesome). dj mehdi. andreas tilliander. lily allen (well i'm mostly interested in what she'll be wearing..)

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aya said...

ääääääääääää!!!!!!!!!!! I read the line-up in the morning and it totally made my day

little sister said...

looking forward to it sooo much!!

petra said...

i know! still i thought they could've changed lily for robyn :) BUT looking really good anyhow!

i'll see you girls there

annim said...

Flow :)