Thursday, June 11, 2009


i've been searching for a short non-leather multipurpose jacket some time now. now i'm in between of two good choices and a kind of want them both. then again i'm not 100% sure if i NEED either of these.. common dilemma i guess. first i found the fifth avenue shoe repair mini trench in helsinki 10 and then the ktz beauty in wunder. what should i do. the pictures of the ktz are quite crappy, sorry.. couldn't find better ones. the fabric is amazing, soft nylon and it sits really nicely but the trench is more of a classic. both?


pics oaknyc + doshaburi


Sugar Kane said...

I love the mini trench, looks like something I've been searching (in vain) for ages. But I'm sure the other one would work too, so no help I guess...

I like kinda "leather jacket" cuts in non-leather fabrics, that mini trench for example has something of a motorcycle/punk rocker vibe, but softer and thus more interesting. I have a short biker jacket in softly hued cotton, goes with almost anything, without the hardness of a similar leather jacket.

petra said...

i totally agree on what you said about biker cut non-leather jackets! i have one that's silk and i think it's more interesting like that. it's too cold to wear outside still.. maybe later - still depending on the indian summer :)

kid said...

uhhh hard decision! I got this great, short kinda japanese-vibey jacket at uff on the 3 euro days and it's really good to throw over pretty much anything.
I think I might go for the fifth avenue shoe repair one... classic model, updated look.
but then on the other hand the second one's pretty good too, it's an interesting piece of clothing.
get both? :-D

Anna said...

Hey did you get the KTZ jacket?
I'm selling the same jacket! size Small! Are you interested anymore? Ja sama suomeksi.. En ole ihan varma, että haluanko myydä sitä, laitoin sen Huuto.nettiin mutta ei kukaan ole vielä siitä mitään huutanut. Todnäk KTZ ei ole siellä ehkä se kovin juttu. :)

laura said...

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