Monday, April 26, 2010


outfit for the day: shirt bought from seppälä on early 90s + dress acute case


Maria said...

Aaaaaa the dress is wonderful! I must go to Helsinki10 to check the gear out!

Juliet said...

Lovely outfit!

juliet xxx

Johanna said...

Love the ponytail!

Anonymous said...

Hi My name is Emma.
I am from Sweden.
I came in to your blog when i was searching on the Finnish Catwalk at Google,
It seems like you are really good in fashion and that its one of your biggest interest.
I am working for a Swedish shoe company, and this year we are going to work with the Finnish cutomers. When I came in to your blog, and saw that you are living in Helsinki i came up to an ide.
So my question for you, do you think you can help me replay to some questions that I have about Fashion in Finland?
I would like to know about the fasionshows/fashion tradefair in Finland, is there some more then The Finnish Catwalk?, Is there some more "famous" people in Finland wich is blogging about Fashion? (in Swedish we have for example Ebba von Sydow, Sofi Fahrman etc.) Do you have any good webshops in Finland with clothes/shoes that you can recommend?
I would be very glad if you have time and want to help me, to get the best result when we are coming to Finland!
My mail adress is:

Best Regards Emma