Monday, July 26, 2010


hi there! so let me sum up the past month. HOLIDAY, 3 weeks of it! bought a car, drove to berlin via estonia, latvia, lithuania, poland. stayed in berlin for the fashion week, +38c, epic. started the week with a party at the soho house - orlando bloom was there. oh and bryanboy pinched my bf's ass. then off to beaches near the danish border and on to denmark. stayed there for a week in two different castles with marie antoinette-ish bedrooms. got very bored, luxury of holidays. tried to shop in copenhagen, and shopped in stockholm. i got this acne shirt for instance, that blew me away. so beautiful! (would had shared a link to it but it's sold out for now.)


S I L V E R said...

nice to get you back.

petra said...

baby love!!!!! thousand kisses back x

jamie-lee said...

good to see you blogging again - i'm very envious of your blouse, you lucky thing x

petra said...

jamie-lee: thank you! it took a while, but now i'm back! :)

Naemi said...

Voihan kateus! Näyttää upealta!