Tuesday, September 21, 2010

if you're a picture-junkie like me here's a good place to go to in need of inspiration - listhings by a friend of mine, kaarle. attached some pics from listhings.



m said...

a total and complete picture-junkie here too reports and thanks for the great link!

Sometimes I think that my enthusiasm for pictures goes a bit overboard though...I have tearsheets everywhere and piles of photography books and magazines and the list goes on...

maryval smith said...

love the blog and its photographs!

i just discovered a brand called cpshades that are trying to start up again and they have the softest fabrics i have ever felt and they have this thing about not having mirrors in the dressing rooms in order for you to really experience the fabric, and apparently they pioneered and made famous the cut up sweatshirts from the movie footloose. enjoy!


sadly they only have two shops and don't have much posted because they really want to create relationships with the customers :)

Ilmapallomatka said...

Thank you for the great link, love the pics!

petra said...

No Probs!