Tuesday, December 21, 2010

i'm not entirely sure if any of you are interested about these me and my hair posts, but try bear with me - i'm just so overly excited of learning more than 1 way of doing it. so, here's what i came up with (accidentally as trying to curl all my hair) for the vitaminwater launch party at klaus k hotel(a GREAT party btw), pretty much the fendi twist just with curled hair on front. rest of the hair is on a bun. i used ionic hot rollers for curls.



stellagee said...

your hair looked amazing that night. sometimes accidents work best, right?

Tiina said...

I like that!! :)

DI$COUNT said...

I love this! My hair is in a simple state, shaved bits and pieces. I always run outta ways to wear it, so I should come here more often!

Cami @ www.nodiscount.com.au