Thursday, April 28, 2011

the time has come to the first ever give away at you feelin it! YEY!! i've got two cool things from weekday, a knit top and a pair of pants.

to have a chance on these i want to hear what YOU want to see more in you feelin it.
i'm planning some slight changes and want to hear your thoughts first.. SO leave a comment with your email in the message, answer the question and tell me which one you'd like to win. you have time until 2.May, 6pm (that's CET folks). i'll post these to where ever so where-ever you are, you're welcome to participate!


both items are size small.


ROSA said...

lisää sua, susta kuvia, sun asua, sun ostoksia ja kaikkea! oot upee pukeutuja ja tyylis mitä mahtavin joten sitä lisäääÄ!!! ja neule kiitos ;)

katja said...

i'd love to see more of your personal style. your blog shows that you have such a good taste.

i'd like to win the knitted top.

Anonymous said...

I'd really like to see more photos of your own personal style..

And knit top is my choice..

Aino said...

Hi! I'd like to see more of your outfits and latest purchases. Since you have such an good eye for style, you should bring it more to your blog with your personal pictures. I really like your blog, though you could post more often :) (neulepaituli)

LaLuuna said...

Yep, lisää sun asuja.

Toi neule ois kiva saada. (tuuli_3 (at)

carla said...

I've been reading your blog for quite some time and I've always enjoyed reading your explanations/quotations/musings alongside the pictures you post so I'd love to see more of your thoughts here on the blog!

I would like to win those amazing trousers!

Niina said...

Olisi kiva tietää enemmän sun työstä ja nähdä lisää kuvia sun upeasta tyylistä! :)

Tahtoisin voittaa housut!

Jennifer said...

More personal style and more of your work.
Pink trousers, please!

juhoautio said...
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[maria] said...

Minäkin haluaisin nähdä omia asujasi. Tahtoisin voittaa housut.

Aria said...

Persoonallinen tyylisi on parhautta<3. Pink trousers, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Sure I'd love to see more pictures of your own style, who wouldn't! Next to that it would be nice to read about those deeper thoughts alongside the pictures.
Not that every single post has to be thoroughly explained, I'm new here but I have enjoyed those texts.

Knitted piece of sweetness would be nice, thank you for asking.

marjukkahoi at

Dixie said...

After seeing so many of the editorials that inspire you and the individual pieces that you lust after, it would be great to see how you interpret them in your own personal style. I've been checking in with your blog for quite some time now and when ever you post a pic of yourself it's a treat to see what you're wearing! Would also love to hear about what music and films you're currently into.

I'm so into that knit sweater!

Anna said...

i too have been missing your own outfits. you have an inspiring style!

i'd like the shirt, please :)


Noora la Parisienne said...
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Noora la Parisienne said...

I've enjoyed your blog thanks to the large variety of inspiring photos. That's what I hope to see in the future too.

The pink pants would brighten up my day.


petra said...

thank you everyone for your answers. I'll email the two winners today. xxx petra