Tuesday, October 13, 2009

going goth in paris

picture by stylesightings. and check the 'tuileries effect' on shoes.


Blue is in Fashion said...

Great picture!

One of your other outfits is featured on a collage post on my blog today :)

stellagee said...

i great look that's unusual for you – i almost did not recognize you! the skirt is incredibly cool.

petra said...

blue is in fashion - oh cool, thanks! yeah, that picture is also from stylesightings hah.

stellagee - yeah, it does good to do something else than THE BUN every once in a while. it's an on-going process to get rid of it.

Piret said...

awesome !

Ella said...

You look absolutely adorable! You really have taste with clothes, I´m so admiring :)