Monday, November 16, 2009

marimekko ss2010

now this post has taken some time.. sorry. last wednesday i went to see marimekko's ss collection held at marimekko factory on the outskirts of helsinki. the catwalk was literally built on top of the machine where you print canvas..that was fun. the collection was bits of this and that, kind of all over the place. anyway here's my favorites from the collection - i'm really liking the first dress, think i could actually go and get one. shoes by julia lundsten (of finsk) for marimekko.


Sugar Kane said...

The first dress does look good!

I only heard about Julia Lundsten designing the shoes today, am really looking forward to those! Did you see any of the shoes "live"? If so, how did you like them?

emma said...

they stole your trademark hairstyle :-D
or maybe it's just homage to you!

Anonymous said...

I like both the first and the second dress, very much! Julia Lundsten shoes... ...mmm. I'm pretty sure that I saw some genious bags somewhere, too!

petra said...

sugar kane - well, i have seen i think at least 6 pairs of julia lundsten shoes and the one you see here are as good as it gets i think. there's two colors for both of the shoes shown here, then a pair of ballerinas, and i think a pair of sandals. oh and there were wedges as well.. but it was nothing like the ponyskin ones.

emma - i know! it must've been that way hahah

kamicha - there's some new bags coming from rinne niinikoski for instance. however they were too much for my personal taste.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, found the pics (Claudia Cifu News) - and definitely recognize the Rinne-Niinikoski touch on the leather bag and the tote. But it was actually those printed clutch bags that grabbed my attention, they cultivate the Marimekko print tradition in very fresh way.

I might be ready for some Marimekko in next spring.