Saturday, November 7, 2009

odd things and prints

i've always adored people who have the ability of recognizing the right kind of odd things, or even better a bunch of odd things, working them into a chic natural looking mix. the lady photographed by the sartorialist definately masters what i'm talking about. i also realized that i have a problem with prints mixed with non-prints but when they are put together there's a possibility of creating amazing masterpieces. make sense?


kristian hl said...

i really love that outfit. its so, comfy and it reminds me of what we in danish call "hygge", it means that something is very nice at it when you feel safe. xoxo

Ria said...

that definitely make sense! plus the lady looks fierce!

Anonymous said...

that's haydey findlay-levin from nyc. stylist extraordinaire