Monday, January 18, 2010


some finnish news - and i'm talking about GOOD NEWS.

1 nomad shop. i have no idea what brands is the store opening in helsinki feb '10 going to sell. i'm almost certain by the look of their site that it's going to be good. helsinki welcomes you.

2 love contemporary magazine. a newest child of paola suhonen (designer of ivana helsinki) is a magazine. teaming with the design duo ahonen&lamberg the outcome already sounds interesting. the themes behind the magazine doesn't sound bad either: 'new movement back to pure love, with a modern edge'. modern hippie-ism is all we need.

thanks kim for indirect hints


Aurora said...

Love it! Both!

Maria said...

Nomad seems intresting and I looove the look of the magazine, can't wait!

wholesale clothing said...

It looks interesting. What are all these skulls. I love the handbag, if that is one.