Tuesday, January 12, 2010

obsession now : trouser suit

i've been wanting to own a trouser suit since i was in paris fashion week this fall. i'm planning to get one in black, one in navy to start with. here's some inspiration - check anna's glasses with a suit jacket in the first picture. divine, not?!?

1 anna selezneva by tommy ton 2 chloƫ's hannah macgibbon via style.com 3 frida gustavsson by altamira 4 unknown 5 jenny shimizu (self-acclaimed madonna's and angelina jolie's ex and a former model for ck one)


Hanna said...

Love the hair and eye glasses combination in the first pic!


petra said...

yes the hair looks well worth d i y doesn't it!

Hanna said...

Definatelly! And I'd see you rocking that do especially, with your long hair and all!

petra said...

thanks! that's exactly what's on my mind :)