Tuesday, August 24, 2010


dreaming on a perfect fall wardrobe:
-a couple new golden rings - see the tiny fingers holding the stone? how genious!
-every fall i fall in love with the idea of a BASIC womens jacket and end up buying something totally different (last year a cape and a vintage fur vest) but maybe this year..
-proenza schouler platform clogs really take the the best out of the clog trend (that i somehow didn't really fall for).
-ps 1: CAN I HAVE THIS ONE TOO? donators welcome.. would be perfect with the proenza shoes!
-YSL bag looks maybe a bit too boring put together with the jacket, but think of prints and color. or nude and red. this could be the final touch on an otherwise messy-boho look, in other words a classic.

clockwise, top to bottom: solange azagury-partridge ring. joseph jacket. proenza schouler shoes + bag. unknown ring. ysl bag.


Juliet said...

I love that ring!

juliet xxx

ª said...

The YSL bag is a Hermès Constance lookalike, as is Celines "it-bag" for fall. (I don't know it's name.)

I'd prefer the original, it's a true classic and makes YSL:s and Celines versions look cheap.

Well, I guess any bag would look cheap compared to a Hermès bag :D

PAGE NUMBER 3 said...

I really love that ring!

petra said...

a - well i do think ANY bag looks 'cheap' when put in line with a hermes just like you said!

the celine bag is called a classic box bag, and what i do appreciate about the bag is that the strap is removable so the bag can be used as a clutch as well.

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