Friday, January 6, 2012

The Christopher Kane dress (with extra collar) Chloë Sevigny is wearing in interview on S Moda magazine is absolutely divine!
I'm flying to Thailand tomorrow, Koh Lanta and a pile of books are waiting! I'll be on holiday for 2 weeks, but have posts scheduled for you. meanwhile if you hear about miu miu glitter pumps (size 38/38.5 in gold / black / silver) please let me know!


eveline fashion-diary said...

i'm absolutely in loooove with your blog and style! i have a one big question to you. you bought these amazing reed krakoff sandals recently - i'm in love with them too and cant wait to hear from you - are they comfortable? or really hard to walk.

i'm waiting for your answear!


petra said...

Oh THANK YOU :) the reed krakoff's are perfect to stand on but quite a lot of work to walk with and almost impossible to dance in. That's just me though and I don't know about other shoes by RK. I hope this helps!