Monday, January 30, 2012

WDC open doors weekend is coming up Helsinki people! As a personal attempt to try to get people moving and seeing new things I've listed some of my favorites below. You can see the full program and more info about my suggestions (addresses etc) here.
What: Finnish Designer Awards exhibition at Virka Galleria / Fri 9-19. Sat, Sun 10-16.
Why: Kokoro & Moi and CTRL were among the winners.

What: ALAS Disco Dislocated at Kluuvi / Fri.
Why: The masters of experimental minimal music

What: Teurastamo (Butcher's) / Fri 17-19
Why: Food, sauna and cultural activities in old Butcher's? Yes please!

What: Laboratory - Art space for now / Sat 12-17.
Why: The-talk-of-the-town gallery of Viewmasters, in old My o My store space at Erottaja.

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