Wednesday, August 26, 2009


let me introduce you to a friend of mine. (isn't his hair is amazing? the secret is the fact that he uses only tigi shampoo. true story.). now meet simba, an afghan hound. i remember dreaming of an afghan when i was a child. i've always thought they have certain grace plus the fact that they're beeaauuutiful.

i'm wearing all second hand except for shoes and the bag.


stellagee said...

as an owner of a greyhound myself and a perennial fan of afghans and salukis, i am totally sold. they're a graceful bunch – much like yourself!

Sugar Kane said...

I've only met Simba in pictures and video, but have high hopes of a personal encounter during this weekend... You two look wonderful together!

petra said...

stellagee- thanks dear! i remember sitting in front of a vogue or something when i was a teenager and thinking how an afghan made elle macpherson look even better. well i'm not that keen on her anymore but i was right about the dog!

sugarkane-she is wonderful. let me know your thoughts of her when you'll meet!