Friday, September 11, 2009

rendez vous with the facehunter at opening ceremony

i'm wearing a jacket by acute case (a cool NEW label), all other clothes and bag vintage and shoes by jeffrey campbell. although i look like somebody dipped my face into oil before the picture you do get a nice idea of what i was wearing.

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Sugar Kane said...

You look amazing! Hope you're having the greatest time!

Anonymous said...

ohh i haven't seen any of your outfit posts earlier in this blog so somehow i imagined your style to be different. more.. black, formal or something!
but this is better, it's very unique and lovely and fun!

petra said...

thanks guys! i'm loving it!

stellagee said...

hey, cool! and you're lookin' great!

Pearl Westwood said...

It looks a little Japanese, love it!

juliana said...