Monday, March 8, 2010

a bit of paris

whew. i feel like i've been flown around for over a week with he stockholm trip and a busy week at the office and finally paris. however i didn't really feel the fact i had slept around 5 hours a night but was taken into the paris state of mind.

friday - on a plane with helsinki10 and asuna buyers which is 40 minutes late. i have too much hand luggage but somehow make it to the plane without a hassle. viva la moi! land on paris, take a taxi to my hotel in marais, change and try to put on some make up in 7 minutes. out the door, to the taxi and a surface to air party. hassle at the door. not getting in. after there's been two persons from inside telling the doorlady to let me in i finally walk in. inside there's no music as the soundsystem's died a moment ago, very weird without music. i'm half way my first drink and people are starting to leave the party so we decide to go as well. we take a taxi to le baron which is full as always on fashion week (ok honestly i've been there once before, last season, but you trust me on this, right?). minutes pass and i'm handed my new favorite drink, vodka + champagne + raspberry puré. could a fashion week start any better?

picture by me. 7. march 2010. tuileries, outside karl lagerfeld show.


Jess said...

This picture is perfect, like one of those that you see on a streetstyle blog. Great job!

Maria said...

Oh my, that drink sounds like my new favorite drink :D Have to try it this spring.

Looking forward to see the pics you've taken.

petra said...

jess - thanks so much!
maria - it's really really good, looking like a margarita. sadly there's so little pictures as i was on a busy schedule.

Leila+Is+Surrounded said...

looking forward