Thursday, March 11, 2010

head over heels

i found this picture of the most amazing piece of fashion i've seen for some time. you know that something screaming at you when at the same time your brain starts singing hallelujah - to me it was this dress(?). and it's been a while after my last love affair. this is what fashion is at it's best. for others it's seeing modern art, or a new model of audi (i guess there's that kind of people too, only guessing here) or a new song. for me it's only fashion.

picture by pete at stylesightings


Anna-Maria said...

That's an amazing piece! However, I would be so afraid to trip on the fur. Maybe a shorter version might work better in the ordinary life? ;)

petra said...

i know! i'm thinking of ways getting/making me one. it's just that half the beauty seems to be in a fact that it's such a show piece, with too long hems!

Maria said...

I think similar one would look wonderful in a short version too!

Saara said...

Mark Fast makes amazing stuff (I especially like these slightly older ones). One correction though on the comments: it's definitely not fur - Fast is a knitwear designer and I don't think he has ever made anything from fur. I believe the fur looking stuff is viscose yarn or something like that.

It would have been nice to see how this girl managed walking down the street with all that length! At least her pose looks like she's very confident in it. :)