Monday, March 1, 2010

story hotel - stockholm

i hardly ever recommend things and this might be extremely stupid as now YOU ALL will conquer the story hotel for good. oh and i paid the full price, so i'll be honest. so about the hotel - great interior design by koncept whose other clients include acne and riche (great food btw), illustrations on each room (mine included a piece by liselotte watkins) and kiehl's in bathroom (always a good one). go and see for yourself, it's magnificent.

p.s first night i bumped into pia who also stayed at the hotel and shared my love for the hotel.

1 pic - my hotel room, picture by me
2 pic - courtesy of


Maria said...

Seems nice...but expensive-for-adults-with-joobs kinda nice :D

Ps. has the picture in the bed in the first pic something to do with the hotel concept also or is it yours?

petra said...

yeah, my room was 100euros for a night. and it fits 2. so not that expensive. the paper was for leaving your comments about the hotel/room.

Paulis said...

Been there too and LOVED it! Ogt a picture of a beaten old man on a bed... :)